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9/14/11 Some agencies must be notified in certain situations (ex: child protective services for infant/children death) o “Child death review team” o Also, OSHA< FAA, consumer product safety commission In sharing critical data, important to determine needs versus wants o District attorney and family members o Family: generally share all o News media: depends on office (i.e. Dale Earnhardt law in FL regarding release of photographs) o Only information that originated in the office may be released Eseential data: police reports, employment records, fire department records ME, coroners, physicians, nurses, can declare time of death (not ambulance personnel) 1 st response unit to medical call are fire department and EMTs o Med unit w/paramedics dispatched but EMT initial assessment can be cancelled HIPAA: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act o ME supersedes HIPAA (except with psychiatric records) EMT report = “run sheet” ME/coroner have statutory open access (can get medical records without a subpoena)
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Unformatted text preview: MEs always have to be contacted for organ donation situations Even if you have a donor card, NOK must still approve NOK order: spouse, adult children, parents, adult siblings, grandparents/grandchildren Tissue donation can occur in morgue, within 24 hours, include skin, bone, tendons, middle ears, heart valves tissues do not have to match Excluding facts: TOD > 24 hours, known medical conditions (AIDS, cancer, sepsis), drug abuse, younger than 15 or older than 80 Old definition for death used to be cessation of cardiac function now we have the concept of brain death Certifier of death = licensed physician/ME/coroner (in MI only physicians) DC importance: legal documentation, stats Mechanism is the biological reason for death, cause is what actually caused that (like a gunshot wound) Mechanisms of death can be the result of many causes of death...
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