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10-10 notes - 10-10 Role of funeral director release of...

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10-10 Role of funeral director: release of remains, obtain demographic info, arrange for final disposition of remains, if suspicious confirm that ME already examined All cremations must be reported to the ME Personal property collected by ME released to the FD then to NOK Proper chain of custody must be followed Let FD know the condition and size of the body (affects the service, body viewing, embalming casket size, etc) make no promises to NOK Notify FD of specialized incisions (prevent leakage of embalming fluid) Disinternment orchestrated by the FD DIsinternment opening of a grave and removal of the body…permit must be signed by the ME/coroner, typically an embarrassing situation for the office FD can assist in communicating with the family Avoid conflicts of interest o Back in the old days, many coroners used to be community FDs as well Interacting with families For reports use directed quotations when recording exact statements Record who source was and document information freely
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