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SPCED 375 Notes November 10

SPCED 375 Notes November 10 - provided and see if our...

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SPCED 375 November 10, 2011 Papers are not graded yet. They will be upstairs in the office on the 7th floor in Dr. Jones’ mailbox. You will need an ID to pick them up. See email for details. Paper revisions will be due on November 22nd. RTI Projects Next Tuesday--intervention projects are due; create in one document, upload on Blackboard, choose one to share with the class Could be a commercial interventions or an activity that you found online pg. 59--forms for teachers to use for problem-solving meetings Times listed as guidelines help M-team stay on track We need to make 2 copies of pg. 59-64 & 66-67 and “hold” two problem-solving team meetings Using made-up raw data, we will create charts to put the data in usable form, determine what children we are going to refer to our team meetings, and walk the children through an RTI meeting/referral process One of our students will be a math student and the other will be a reading student. We will choose interventions and create aim-lines for the children using 12 weeks of data
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Unformatted text preview: provided and see if our interventions worked We can chart the data on Excel or use the graphs provided found on pages 165 and 166 Also, pg. 183 and 184 need to be filled out if the child did not meet his or her goals; if the child did meet goals fill out and put “N/A” Finally, you need to create a journal/reflection explaining why you choose this child, why you choose the interventions, and how the intervention worked, etc. Due: December 6th This project is fine to put on our portfolios since they are made-up children in made-up classrooms : ) Remember, our goals are reading or math, not behavioral! Schools are still determining how long is an appropriate time to progress monitor; however, 12 weeks seems to be a good rule of thumb End of year benchmarks are found on pg. 181 There are Math goal-setting sheets in Blackboard because they are not included in the RTI handbook...
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