March 7-energy flow

March 7-energy flow - Trophic level 1>get energy through...

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Energy Flow Carrying capacity: o Ability for an ecosystem to support a certain amount of it can support Sustainability: o Maintaining needed resources During the summer the northern hemisphere is tipped closer to the earth whereas in the winter we are tipped away from the sun Importance of energy flow o In order to keep something in an organized area you have to put some energy in Food chains o String of organisms through which energy is flowing
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Unformatted text preview: Trophic level 1->get energy through photosynthesis (Producers) Trophic level 2->eat producers(primary consumers) Trophic level 3-> eat T2 (secondary consumers0 Trouphic level 4-> eat T4 (tertiary consumers) Trophic level -> eat T4 (Quaterary Consumers) • Food Web o Decomposers (fungi bacteria) are at Tertiary level 2 o Decomposers at all levels mostly T2 o Decomposer eating Hawk is at T6...
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