March 9-Circulation

March 9-Circulation - • Mammal Circulatory System o Right...

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Circulation 2 types o Open circulatory system: Occurs in invertebrates (mollusks/arthropods) Fluid is pumped through open-ended vessels into the cells Consists of heart and tubes that dump into the body and find their way to the heart o Closed Circulatory system: Occurs in vertebrates Blood flows through vessels (tubes) to the heart Artery->pump blood away from heart to organs Veins->return blood to heart Capillaries->convey blood between arteries and veins Fish Circulatory System o Atrium receives blood from the veins. o Ventricle pumps blood to gill via artery o Aftyer going through gills O2 rich blood flows through arteries and is carried to other parts of the body Fish Vs Mammal Circulatory system o Fish=single circulation and 2 chambered heart o Mammal= double circulation and 4 chamber heart
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Unformatted text preview: • Mammal Circulatory System o Right ventricle pumps 02 poor blood to lungs via o Pulmonary artery as blood flows through o Capillaries in the lungs it takes up 02 and unloads co2. O2 rich blood flows through o Pulmonary veins to the o Left atrium, next 02 rich flows from left atrium to o Left ventricle through the o Aorta. The aorta has coronary arteries that supply blood to heart muscles and branches leading to o Head, chest, and arms. The aorta descends to abdomen to supply 02 blood to legs. The capillaries rejoin as venules leading to the venis o O2 poor blood from the upper body is chenneld into superior and infereior venal cava the 2 venae cava empty into the o Right atrium. In then flows into the right ventricle...
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