Nov15 - Distinctions are accomplished in language...

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Nov. 15 16:31 How do we test or grasp principles? Socrates:  Testing the principles against each other for consistency Aristotle: We start with the particulars, and generate universals  Making distinctions, Using language, An account of memory From experience to universal knowledge To have science, we start with familiarity  Familiarity = jumbled up Through distinctions, you aim for the particular Through understanding particulars, you understand what the situation really is
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Unformatted text preview: Distinctions are accomplished in language Particulars are already universal Through thoughtful experience, we get into a deeper understanding of the world Socrates The Cave Is belief without knowledge ugly or blind? The truth changes you; it has a transformative power on you 16:31 What is the method of the reporter, and why is it so upsetting? What are the phrases for desensitization? Is being desensitized unethical? 16:31...
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Nov15 - Distinctions are accomplished in language...

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