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Getting Started Go to Enter your login (econ1ta) and password (cougs) Administer experiments is used to enter the data. Section results is used to preview the results, as the students will see them, before they are released. After entering the data, viewing the section results should be self-explanatory. Experiment 1: Apple Market (detailed) Go to administer experiments . Find the appropriate section under Experiment 1. Click manage students . Click add a new student . Type in the first student’s 3- digit uid. Then select the student’s type from the drop-down box. Click insert site user . Continue until all students from the section have been entered. When this is done, create dummy values for all the types. For section 9, for example, enter the IDS 971, type A, 972, type B, 973, type C, etc. For other sections, start the dummy IDs with the section number and then 70, 71, etc. You will use these dummy IDs for mistakes in the transactions. Then click stop adding users for this section . Click return to admin page . Click on the TA name and time of the section. For each session/round: o Click on the session/round o Enter the price of the transaction o Select the seller’s ID and the buyer’s ID. o If you encounter a transaction with an ID number that is not on your list (maybe the person was a buyer, but should have been a seller or maybe the seller id was written in the spot for the buyer id), use one of the dummy IDs you’ve entered. For an ID number not on your pulldown menu, use 971, 972, etc. o
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HkDataEntry - Getting Started Go to...

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