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CSC302-05 HOMEWORK 2, PART 2 TITLE: Google Agonizes on Privacy as Advertising World Vaults Ahead URL: DESCRIPTION: this articles talks about how Google uses personal data from other people to advertise to them. Google uses its search engines and their Gmail accounts to track peoples interest and advertise accordingly. REACTIONS : In my opinion, this is very surprising because a very reputed and famous website like Google would steal personal information to advertise their products to its consumers, for instance the article states that a person was searching for cheap TVs available online and then looking at his interest Google starts advertising their TV advertisements to that person. Furthermore Google uses personal information from Google docs and their Gmail accounts to
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Unformatted text preview: reach out to specific customers regarding their interest. Also, I wonder if it is legal to stalk other people’s information as the Google consumers have no idea what their personal information is being used for, moreover a big internet company like Google tries to collect personal data and use it for other purposes so can we trust Google anymore? If it goes on, I think people might stop using Google search engines as they might fear that Google might identify their data and use it for any purpose. The articles also states that Google plans to launch more cookies and introduce the “LIKE” button like Facebook does which may give them to indicate a person’s specific interest which will raise their ad sales....
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