csc hw5 - CSC 302-05 Homework 5, Part 1 1. Carnivores main...

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CSC 302-05 Homework 5, Part 1 1. Carnivore’s main purpose was to monitor the targets internet traffic. Generally, this system was implemented by the FBI to monitor email and electronic communications over the internet. It uses a customable “packet sniffer” software to trace any modes of communications over the internet. 2. Carnivores were used by FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) to trace and stalk any suspicious activities of a criminal or a target. 3. The agency named it to DCS1000 (Digital Collection System) after the controversy targeted Carnivore software regarding its implementation, usage and its possible abusive usage that could harm the general public. 4. In my opinion, Narulnsight and Carnivores both are used to track and monitor internet traffic, they both are used as mass surveillance for tracking any suspicious activities of the citizens and the big corporations. In other words the Narulnsight and Carnivores breach privacy of the others. 5. IAO (Information Awareness Office) was a system established by the Defense Advance Research Project Agency to store information about each person in the United States, including their most privatized data such as personal e-mails, facebook accounts, credit card transactions and many more to track and detect any danger to the national security. The IAO does not require any search warrant so they can collect anyone’s information without the consent of the individual. By achieving Total Awareness Information, the
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csc hw5 - CSC 302-05 Homework 5, Part 1 1. Carnivores main...

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