csc homework 7 part 2

csc homework 7 part 2 - CSC 302-05 Homework 6, Part II...

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Unformatted text preview: CSC 302-05 Homework 6, Part II TITLE: A Host of Monitors Will Watch the City’s Electronic Voting URL: %20voting&st=cse DESCRIPTION: Prior to the Election 2010, a New York Times journalists posted an article, focusing on the questions and the problems that would be arising in New York City elections due to introduction of electronic monitors that would be used by residents to vote instead of paper ballots REACTIONS: New York City Election Board has decided that they would be using Electronic Machines for the elections which were held on November 2 nd , but many people have questioned the integrity and the efficiency of this technology when it comes to counting the votes. In my opinion, such technology is very risky especially when the question arises if the results are honest. Such technologies can be easily hacked and can die anytime. Furthermore the author of the article discusses issues such as whether the machines would be able to operate on time, or on...
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