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CSC 302-05 Homework 4, Part 1 1. Pleaserobme.com is an awareness website that is created to let people know that how dangerous it can be when they use websites like Foursquare.com and tweeter.com to let people know about every second of your life and specially about the places you currently are at, as such information can be very helpful to other people who stalk you know where exactly you are at a certain point of time. And especially those robbers who are looking at the expensive stuff decorated in your house which gives them the right opportunity to attack since your latest tweet was that you just checked in at the mall which is around 10 miles away from your house. Pleaserobme.com is a new website that helps people tp avoid too much information on the web. 2. Foursquare.com is a website designed as an application for websites like facebook and tweeter where you can post about the places you visit during the day and let others who can view your profiles know about it. Basically its letting your friends and family know
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