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SPCH7-1st paper - Cultural Identity In my definition...

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Cultural Identity In my definition, cultural identity is a characteristic prevailed in ones culture background. The Chinese culture has always been the theory I grew up with, although I am part American. However I grew up in Malaysia, a multi-cultural country, to be specific, I was brought up on a small island called Pulau Pinang. Even though, my grandparents raised me according to the Chinese culture, I did not restrict myself from comprehending other cultures. Throughout my years growing up in Malaysia, I have learned to be mindful and accepting of other cultures. Therefore I managed to not only pick up the Chinese culture, however also the other cultures that existed in Malaysia, such as the Malay, Indian and many more minority groups. At a certain point, I would consider myself a multi-cultural person and I am very thankful, as I’ve managed to acquire the important values from each culture’s perspective. I believe by being raised in Malaysia has made me who I am today. I’ve made the best of my years in Malaysia and now, I’m here, in the USA to continuously learn and discover a whole new society. It is obvious that each culture has its own respective values, beliefs and norms and sometimes it is hard for us to relate and understand certain aspects of it. However, after spending twenty-one years of my life in Malaysia, I’ve noticed why I am who I am today. To my understanding, it is extremely important to have the right values, beliefs and norms in order to succeed in life and while I was preparing this paper, I realize how the different cultures that I was surrounded by had made an affect in my life. Moving along are the values, beliefs and norms that I apply in my daily life and to be honest, most of these that I’ve been practicing are from my Chinese culture. The values that I strongly live by is to always be respectful of others, especially to the elderly and people with disabilities. Although I am not at the right age to represent this example, however I will always try putting myself in an elderly person’s shoe, and expect abundance of respect from juniors. This also applies when I am meeting the parents
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of friends, to always be mindful of their feelings. The other thing that I value most is to always prioritize family beyond others. One of the reasons why I am here in the USA is to be a supportive sister towards my brother and future goals. Besides that, one of the beliefs that are
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SPCH7-1st paper - Cultural Identity In my definition...

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