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Cyberstalking - CSC 302-FALL 2010 TERM PAPER CYBER-STALKING...

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CSC 302-FALL 2010 TERM PAPER CYBER-STALKING ABSTRACT The internet boom is on its rise and so is its ugly side. The World Wide Web and Internet are great places to study, work, or even play. But there is a hideous side of cyberspace. Cyberspace reflects the real world and some people tend to forget that, and in that case cyber-stalkers are everywhere who stalk and harass their victims over the internet under the convenience of being at their own house. However, the government has introduced new laws regarding cyber-stalking but the laws are very vague as they contradict the US Constitution First Amendment rights of Free Speech. Moving on, in my paper I have discussed the methods used by cyber-stalkers to stalk others and the laws with their ambiguous nature. Cyber-stalking
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The Internet has created an environment where many of the problems that exist in the real world are introduced to the virtual world. Cyber-stalking is an example. Individuals, who develop an obsession with another person, usually a celebrity or a former romantic partner, use the Internet to locate and harass their target. This paper will discuss the legal response made to address cyber-stalking. Unfortunately, there is evidence that the law is imperfect in addressing this problem. To begin with, Cyber-stalker meet or target their victims by using search engines, online forums, bulletin and discussion boards, chat rooms, and more recently, through online communities such as MySpace, Facebook, , Twitter, a media outlet known for self-publishing.
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