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1 | P a g e Graded Speech # 1 The “Any Old Bag”Speech Assignment: This speech calls for you to discuss aspects of your life with your audience. Time Limit: In this speech you will be speaking for 3-4 minutes. You will have a 30 second grace period. When you reach 4:30 you will be told to stop speaking. Grade: This speech is 20% of your course grade. Notes: This assignment does not require an outline or any note cards as your items will help you recall your speech content. Dress Code: Corporate Interview Attire Preparation: Select t hree items to be placed inside a bag of your choice. [You may use any bag other than your purse or your back pack.] The first item should describe something about your past. The second item should relate something about your present. The t hird item should explain something about your future . The bag and each item should be chosen carefully and should symbolize you in some way. Tips:
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Any_ Old _Bag_ Speech _Instructions - 1|Page Graded Speech...

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