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1 | P a g e Graded Speech #2 The Persuasive Speech: Motivating the Audience to Action [ With Visual Aids] Assignment: Using the statement-of-reasons organizational pattern you will convince your audience to take action on a particular topic of your choosing. Select possible speech topics from the 400 general subjects on pages 467-472 in your textbook. [There will be no duplication of topics]. All topics are subject to instructors’ approval. “The speech to motivate action has as it’s goal to get listener’s to respond in one or more of these ways: start a behavior, continue a behavior or stop a behavior. Sometimes you want prompt action from your audience; at other times, you simply want them to respond at any appropriate point in the future.” See chapter 16 in your textbook the section on Speech to Motivate Action. Time Limit: In this speech you will be speaking for 4-6 minutes. Between 6:00 -6:30 you will have a 30 second grace period to wind up your presentation. At 6:30 you will be told to stop speaking. Grade: This speech is 20% of your course grade. Dress Code: You must be dressed in “business casual interview attire to present your speech. [See syllabus for details] Speech Requirements: 1. A typed full- sentence preparation outline. 2. Use of verbal support as discussed in Chapter 8 of your textbook 3. Example of Ethos/Credibility, Logos/Reasoning and Pathos/Emotion. 4. Bibliography of three full text articles from the Internet using full citations [not the website address of the articles] 5. Visuals are to be overhead transparencies [text visuals and color photos]. 6. Five speaker cards [5x8” index cards] will be used to deliver your speech. Warning!
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GradedSpeech2Persuasive - 1|Page Graded Speech#2 The...

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