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1 | P a g e Graded Speech #3 The Informative Speech “Anything from A-Z” Speech [With Visuals] Assignment: Using one of the organizational patterns for informative speaking in your textbook you will present an informative speech that is relevant and interesting to the audience [There will be no duplication of topics]. Select possible speech topics from the 400 general subjects on pages 467-472 in your textbooks. All topics are subject to instructors’ approval. “In informative speaking, unlike persuasive speaking, your job is to give the audience facts not opinions. Your intentions must be to convey knowledge, create understanding and to help listeners` remember important points.”. . . [Page 323 in your textbook] Time Limit: In this speech you will be speaking for 4-6 minutes. Between 6:00-6:30 you will have a 30 second grace period to wind up your presentation At 6:30 you will be told to stop speaking. Grade: This speech is 20% of your course grade. Dress Code: You must be dressed in business casual attire to present your speech. [See syllabus for details] Speech Requirements: 1. A typed full sentence preparation outline 2. Use of verbal support as discussed in chapter 8 of your textbook 3. Bibliography of four full text articles from the Internet using full citations 4. Visuals are to be four overhead transparencies either text visuals and/ or color photos. 5. Five speaker cards [5x8” index cards] will be used to deliver your speech. Warning! Warning! Warning! 6. Failure to use the correct outline format will result in a grade of F for this speech. 7. Failure to attach a full citation bibliography will result in a letter grade [ten points] being deducted from your speech grade. 8. Failure to deliver your speech in a conversational manner [either by memorizing or reading your speech] will receive a grade of zero for this speech.
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2 | P a g e Preparation: Step 1: Select Your Topic Step 2: Research Your Topic on the Internet Step 3: Write Your Speech Objectives Step 4: Create Your Bibliography Step 5: Devise Your Main Points for the Body of the Speech Step 6:
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GradedSpeech3InformativeSpeech - 1|Page Graded Speech#3 The...

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