Persuasive_ Speech _Content_ Only

Persuasive_ Speech _Content_ Only - _____Your speech was...

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Peer Evaluation for Persuasive Speech [Content] Speaker’s Name__________________Speech Title____________________________Date______ Introduction: 1.____Your opening was did not catch my attention ____You got my interest in your opener 2.____You gave your central idea _____You did not state your central idea 3.____ You gave your credibility /ethos _____You did not give your credibility/ethos 4.____You told us relevance of your topic ____You did not relate your topic to us 5.____ You gave three statements -of -reason ____ You did not give three statements- of-reason Body: 4.____Your statements-of-reason were not very clear ____Your statements-of-reason were explained 5.____You did not use logos to back up your reasons ____You used logos to back up your reasons 6.____You did not use pathos to back up your reasons ____You used pathos to back up your reasons 7.____You made it easy to follow your speech
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Unformatted text preview: _____Your speech was not easy to follow 8.____You provided smooth transitions between ____You did not have smooth transitions Conclusion: 8.____You said you were concluding your speech _____You did not signal that your speech was ending 9.____ You gave a re-cap of the body of your speech _____ You did not give a summary of the body 10.____Your clincher did not reinforce your central idea ____Your clincher reinforced the central idea General Impression: 11.____Your speech did not hold my attention ____Your entire speech was interesting 12.____Your visual aids looked professional ____Your visual aids need to be professional 13._____You seem prepared to give your speech ___Your seemed unprepared to give your speech 14._____Your speech was persuasive _____You did not have enough evidence to be persuasive What is your speaker #______...
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Persuasive_ Speech _Content_ Only - _____Your speech was...

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