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Geo 349 #12 10/20 Religion I Christianity and Europe - not always the case – paganism - introduced form Middle East - diffused from Mediterranean centers (and from Iceland) - fragmented East and West, then fragmented again in the West by the Protestant Reformation (East and West disagree on A LOT) - significant non-Christian minorities o a) Muslim – Ibena, Russia, Balkans, modern labor migrations (W. Europe cities) o b) Jews - Highly secularized today (Europe is far more secular than the US. However, they may be equal or greater in spirituality) - Religion and churches are part of their culture - Some countries have high religiosity (Christians Poland and Ireland) Power of Church - 1 Jan 2009, Vatican divorces itself from Italian law (date might be wrong) - When Spain allowed gay marriage, 500,000 protested in Madrid in June 2005 - EU interacts with the church in an interesting way
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Unformatted text preview: -In the Treaty of Rome when they set up the EU, most countries were Christian and therefore integrated some of their values. But then there were Protestant countries allowed in and they had separation of church and state. But now more Christians are joining and Christian roots are coming back. Religion in Europe-most important: Eastern and Western Christianity-Protestantism and Catholicism is pretty complicated-Muslim immigrants scattered within dotted circle-“Catholicism is a political power” – Northern Ireland-Northern Ireland Belfast murals Built Religious Environments – Pagan and early Christian-England: Stonehenge (ca. 3,000 BCE) o Sarsen circle – 30 nearly trimmed o Alter stone in center, sun will rise exactly between the two stones. Used to record movement of sun and for worship....
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