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Geo 349#11 - o Western Group(Old Prussian o Eastern Group-Western Group attacked by eastward moving Germans and absorbed or exterminated in the

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Geo 349 #11 10/18 Language II Balto-Slavonic Languages - Includes very large regional grouping (Slavic) and a very small grouping (Baltic) - Slavic – most numerous of the Indo-European groups (ca. 270 million speakers) o Compare with Germanic (190 million) Balto-Slavonic Europe - Differentiation throughout o Divergence and isolation o Religious influence - Proto-Balto-Slavonic: shared heartland in and around the pripet marshes large soggy area in middle North European Plain - Physically cut off from classical civilizations of Mediterranean Europe - Baltic Group became separated from Slavonic Group ca 1000 BCE - Spread westward and northward to Baltic coastlands - Became isolated in “Baltic Heights” wooded coastal moraine belt (thinly spread and differentiated east-west) - By early Middle Ages had split into two groups
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Unformatted text preview: o Western Group (Old Prussian) o Eastern Group-Western Group attacked by eastward moving Germans and absorbed or exterminated in the name of Christianity -Language didn’t become standardized until 20 th c. Post-Soviet Revival-You needed to know Russian in Latvia post WWII when Soviet control/nationalism was on the rise-Since then Latvia has gotten rid of all Russian language and signs to reverse what they did in mid 1900s. Slavonic Speakers-Began to spread after 400 CE, last to undergo divergence -Diverged into 3 main groups-Each became more and more differentiated over time, but also continued to closely resemble one another-Post break up of Yugoslavia fragmentation of Serbo-Croatian-Serbian speaking region in Western Germany (otherwise pretty much extinct)...
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