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Psych 202 Chapter 2 Quiz – Version 1

Psych 202 Chapter 2 Quiz – Version 1 - a...

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Psych 202 Chapter 2 Quiz – Version 1 In reading an empirical journal article, what are the two questions you should be asking as you read? a) What is the argument? What is the evidence to support the argument? b) Why was this research done? Were there any significant findings? c) How reputable is (are) the author(s)? Did the findings include support for the hypotheses? d) How does this research relate to other research? What are ways to extend this research further? What is a quantitative technique used in some review articles that combines the results of many studies and gives a number that summarizes the magnitude of a relationship? a. macro-analytical procedure b. analysis of variance c. meta-analysis d. hybrid scaling Pavlina believes that people in black cars are much more likely to speed than people in other colored cars. She is probably the victim of what tendency?
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Unformatted text preview: a. the pop-up principle b. present/present bias c. cherry-picking evidence d. being overconfident A survey of married women employed outside the home included the question "Does your spouse bother to help you around the house?" What is the problem with this question? a. The person writing the question was overconfident of the answer. b. It is an example of confirmatory hypothesis testing. c. It reflects the present/present bias. d. It is cherry-picking the evidence. After two students from his school commit suicide, Marcelino thinks that the most likely cause of death in teenagers is suicide. What type of bias is affecting in his thinking? a. the present/present bias b. confirmatory hypothesis testing c. the Barnum effect d. the pop-up principle...
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Psych 202 Chapter 2 Quiz – Version 1 - a...

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