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Unformatted text preview: A170 Appendix A Ordinary Differential Equations: Review of Concepts and Methods Using to solve ODE Let us start with the simplest command that you can use to solve an ode. It is the DSolve command. We illustrate by examples the different applications of this command. The simplest case is to solve y' = y DSolve y ’ x yx x y x ,y x ,x C1 The answer is y= C ex as you expect. Note how Mathematica denoted the constant by C[1]. The enxt example is a 2nd order ode DSolve y ’’ x yx x y x ,y x ,x x C1 C2 Here we need two arbitrary constants C[1] and C[2]. Let's do an intial value problem. Solving an Initial Value Problem Here is how you would solve y'' = y, y(0)=0, y'(0)= 1 DSolve yx y ’’ x 1 2 x y x ,y 0 1 0, y ’ 0 1 , y x ,x 2x As you see, the initial value problem has a unique solution (there are no arbitrary constants in the answer. ...
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