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NEW YORK UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS Economic Principles I Prof. Harry Kitsikopoulos Office hours: I can see students right after class but instead of specifying the day I would like to keep it flexible to accommodate those who may not be able to come by either day; please make appointments through e-mail. My office is at 19W 4 th Street, #803 and my e-mail is Textbook: Robert Hall and Marc Lieberman’s Macroeconomics, 5 rd ed. (South-Western/Cengage). Your reading assignments include only the chapters/pages specified below. I have not distributed the chapters based on the calendar of the semester since the speed and pace of coverage varies from class to class. The assigned chapters are divided into three cycles based on the exam schedule (see below). In the first cycle we will cover introductory topics such as the scarcity problem, opportunity cost, production possibilities frontier, and supply and demand analysis. The second cycle gets into the main topic of the course, i.e., business cycles and covers specifically: three of the main indicators we use to assess the state of the economy, causes of instabilities, fiscal policy and the public debt. The third cycle concludes the discussion of business cycles by looking at monetary
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This note was uploaded on 12/21/2011 for the course ECON 8732 taught by Professor Kitsikopoulos during the Fall '11 term at NYU.

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