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1-12-11 The Bases of Politics Notes - Facts Those things...

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Political Science Notes January 12, 2011 I. The Bases of Politics A. 1. a. The Meaning of Political Science b. Related Disciplines c. Key Concepts Definitions: Political Science – the study of politics Politics – “authoritative allocation of values that are binding on society as a whole” -David Easton- Political Science is referred to in our book as “The Master Science” meaning that every decision (in life) made is made under a political context, or that every decision (in life) made is a political decision. *side note* - Harold Lasswell – “Political Science is a study of who gets what” Political Science is concerned with:
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Unformatted text preview: Facts: Those things which can be proven or disproved on the bases of observable evidence. Values: Norms, standards, acceptable behavior, ethics or morals. Political Science by its character is interdisciplinary drawing on anthropology, history, the physical sciences, etc. Economics – how are goods and services produced & distributed to those within a society? What systems are set in place to ensure that these goals are accomplished? Political Power – the ability to bring about desired behavior which otherwise would not have occurred and therefore political power is related to sanctions (punishments) and rewards....
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