1-14-11 Three Concepts of Political Power

1-14-11 Three Concepts of Political Power - Political...

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Political Science Notes January 14, 2011 Three Concepts of Political Power I. Legitimacy (respect for your government) – widespread public performance of duties while in public office. II. Sovereignty (respect for your country) – recognizing no other supreme authority over one’s nation, people, or territory. III. Authority (respect for your leaders) – a right established by procedures to exercise power & influence. Three Central Concepts I. Freedom – the ability or the capacity to enjoy things of value. II. Justice – essential fairness before the law. III. Equality – a moral ideal which emphasizes the commonality of our humanity.
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Unformatted text preview: Political Science is different from all other sciences in its emphasis on POWER. Power is the focus of study in political science. Machiavelli author of The Prince wrote that the use of power & violence in human development, mainly in government, that power & violence can be used judicially. A good government is a government that does not have to rely on violence; it (violence) should only be used exceptionally. Power is a condition in humans, it is built into our being....
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