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Political Science Notes February 04, 2011 Brief Review: Statutory Laws – laws that deal with specific things Constitutional Laws – laws that deal with fundamental principles of law The 14 th Amendment was passed in 1866 after the Civil War, it stated that African Americans are entitled the same rights as every other citizen. The Constitution may be amended if 2/3 of both Houses of Congress (The House of Another means of amending the Constitution is by proposing and passing an amendment through conventions in 2/3 of all the states and 3/4 of the state legislature ratify it. A. What is a Constituent Legislative body? 1. A constituent legislative body drafts a constitution (especially during revolutions, regime changes, etc.) B. What is Constitutionalism or Constitutional Government? 1. It is a government of limited powers 2. Example: The Magna Carta 1215; England – it place limitations on the powers that the King,
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