02-07-11 3 Major Purposes of a Constitution

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Political Science Notes February 07, 2011 A. Three Major Purposes of a Constitution 1. a. 2. Formalizing Government Structure a. Establish the basic institutions of government (the U.S. has the 3 branches of government at the national level) i. Legislative – passes laws ii. Executive – vetos laws (if necessary) iii. Judicial – Judicial Review – declares laws unconstitutional (if necessary) 3. Establishing Legitimacy of Government a. Constitutional reform usually happens at the fall of a particular regime in a country In the U.S. we have a unique Separation of Powers system which provides for Checks & Balances of power on any particular branch of government. We are also a bicameral government, meaning we have two houses of congress in our legislature (The Senate & the House of Representatives).
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Unformatted text preview: The Adaptability of the U.S. Constitution Q. How has the U.S. Constitution remained integral in our government for over 200 years while the constitutions of other countries have not? A. Our constitution can bring about substantive or practical changes without doing away with itself through Judicial Review (a major source of change), through lending itself to embrace customs, and the fact that political parties are not mentioned within the constitution, it remains non-partial and non-biased. A few cases of adaptability issues of the U.S. Constitution are:-Gitlow v. New York (1925)-Schench v. U.S. (1919) this case established the principle Clear & Present Danger. It stated that the government could not limit freedom of expression unless that expression established a Clear & Present Danger to the United States Government....
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