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Political Science Notes February 23, 2011 Note: We know that all ideologies emphasize action and putting forth a new vision of society. Marxism – A central idea of Marxism was economic determinism. In order to understand society one must understand the process by which goods & services are produced in society in order to sustain life. Dialectical Materialism – A strand of Marxist theorizing, predominant in the Soviet Union, composed of a synthesis of Hegel's dialectics and Feuerbach's materialism, based upon an interpretation of Karl Marx's work, it is the concept of reality in which material things are in the constant process of change brought about by the tension between conflicting or interacting forces, elements, or ideas. Mode of Production – In the writings of Karl Marx and the Marxist theory of historical materialism, a mode of
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Unformatted text preview: production (in German: Produktionsweise, meaning 'the way of producing') is a specific combination of: *productive forces: these include human labor, power, and the means of production, it is the activities and tools a society employs to satisfy its material needs and the form of “work” or “labor” that is performed in a society. Edward Bernstein – He was noted for writing “Evolutionary Som” a critique of classical Marxism. He noticed, unlike Marx’s prediction, capitalism was not collapsing, instead the masses were being constantly impoverished and all the wealth was going to the wealthy, but Marx did not anticipate the capitalist systems’ capacity to reform itself, so that instead worker’s organized & argued for the expansion of the vote which meant workers influenced political policy more....
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