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January 13, 2011 Darnley Dessimus HU Id. @026-38-409 Class Notes I. Hedonism – a philosophy arguing that pleasure is the only intrinsic good. Good is pleasure (the foundation of everyone’s life) and bad is pain. A. Quotes 1. “All philosophy is an analysis of values.” Alain Locke 9/13/1885 – 6/9/1954 2. “Your life is based on your feelings; they drive everything in your life.” David Hume 3/7/1711 – 8/25/1776 3. “Your faith can be antithetical to your feelings.” Immanuel Kant 4/22/1724 – 2/12/1804 4. “There’s an antipathy between faith and reason.” S Ø ren Kierkegaard (a religious philosopher) 5/5/1813 – 11/11/1855 5. “Happiness is a life of activity in accordance with your greatest capacities.” –(roughly) Aristotle 384 BC – 322 BC Hedonist philosophers – Jeremy Bentham (2/15/1748 – 6/6/1832) & John Stuart Mill (5/20/1806 – 5/8/1873), together they invented the hedonic calculator. To reason is to generalize; the generalization is a pattern, patterns are formed through ideas, ,
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