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Assignment 6 - Rough Draft

Assignment 6 - Rough Draft - Elorm Avakame Expository...

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November 20, 2008 Elorm Avakame Expository Writing 101 - Section LS Assignment 6 – Rough Draft The Power of Context For as long as the world has been in existence, most of us as humans have been confident in the idea that our actions are a direct result of our personality. Whatever we do, or however we react to external stimuli must be directly related to the kind of people that we are. Some however, believe that the context of one’s environment can also play a large part in their reactions as well. Malcolm Gladwell, author of “The Power of Context”, is a supporter of this idea. He believes that no matter what someone’s personality is like, they will ultimately be influenced by their environment. Azar Nafisi, author of “Reading Lolita in Tehran”, writes about the balance between being influenced by your environment and the defiance of the human spirit. On one hand, her and her pupils were influenced by an extremist regime, but on the other hand, they dug deep within themselves to defy the constrictions and restrictions of their environment and to pursue their desires.
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