Article and Summary - Orthopedic Surgery

Article and Summary - Orthopedic Surgery - Elorm Avakame...

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September 30, 2008 Elorm Avakame Exercise Science Summary/Analysis of “Study Says Too Many Arthroscopic Knee Surgeries” by Linda A. Johnson As an orthopedic surgeon, one of the most common procedures one will have to perform is arthroscopic knee surgery. Knee injuries are one of the most frequent of all sports injuries, and therefore knee surgeries are very common. Many injured athletes or even everyday people resort to arthroscopic knee surgery as a first resort for serious knee problems. However, a recent study finds that surgery isn’t any more effective than medication and physical therapy are for remedying moderate to severe knee pain due to ailments such as arthritis. A different study tells us that tears in knee cartilage, as experienced by many athletes, are very common but often times, they don’t even cause symptoms. Both of these studies still acknowledge that arthroscopic knee surgery is still effective after a recent surgery. However, it probably shouldn’t be done as routinely as it is for osteoarthritis. Dr. E. Anthony Rankin, spokesman for the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, concedes that, “A lot of people would prefer physical therapy and their doctors would as well.” This goes without saying, as each of the
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Article and Summary - Orthopedic Surgery - Elorm Avakame...

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