Tori's HR notes-study sheet 2011-2

Human Resource Management

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Chapter 9 1. Performance management must include the key components of evaluating and developing employees. _______________ 2. A 360 degree appraisal involves the employee assessing their own performance and providing that info to their supervisor to be considered as part of their performance evaluation. ________________ 3. When a performance evaluation is subjective there are increased concerns about biases based on ethnicity, gender, and age. _________________ 4. To ensure that employees view their performance management system as an ethical process by getting their input about their performance. _________________ 5. When an employee disagrees with how the performance management system is carried out they have distributional justice concerns. _________________ Chapter 10 1. When the jobs within an organization valued appropriately relative to each other, this is known as internal alignment. ________________ 2. The purpose of COLA is to offset the increase in the price of goods and services
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Tori's HR notes-study sheet 2011-2 - Chapter 9 1....

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