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Why Willy’s Garden Never Grew Willy Loman was impotent. In Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman , this low man was unable to plant seeds that would grow: in his job, in his brother, in his sons, or even in his backyard. At this era of great prosperity for the country, the American Dream proposed that with strong roots in hard work, Americans could grow and achieve success. However, Willy was unable to prosper because he found physical attractiveness and popularity to be more important. Willy failed to grow due to his lack of roots with the appropriate values of motivation and diligence. For Willy, the life of a salesman was the American Dream. Even though he enjoyed working with his hands outside, he committed himself to the flawed career of a traveling salesman where he had to work with “a smile and a shoeshine” (138). Willy’s commission became a device used by Miller to emphasize the American idea that monetary output depends on amount of work that a person inputs into a company. Clinging to his belief in his job, Willy idolized Dave Singleman, a salesman that worked his way up from the bottom and died doing his job. Willy wanted to succeed and be a legend too. “A man can’t go out the way he came in, Ben, a man has got to add up to something” (125). Since he was unable to sow his seeds by making contacts in his career, Willy had to turn to his own life insurance to come out higher. Miller showed how Willy’s career was inseparable from his life when he committed suicide by a car accident. His car was most important to his livelihood and it died with him in the end.
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Death_of_a_Salesman_Response_Paper[1] - Why Willys Garden...

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