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afp study guide - Foreign Policy Final Issue 7: Should the...

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Foreign Policy Final Issue 7: Should the U.S. allow Russia more leeway in Eurasia in exchange for Russian help in stopping Iran’s nuclear program? Yes: Nikolas Gvosdev suggests the Russia is unlikely to be integrated into the Euro- Atlantic community and cannot be coerced into acquiescing in U.S. policies. The U.S. must prioritize its core interests vis-à-vis Russia, particularly the need for cooperation on non-proliferation and counterterrorism and allow Russia greater flexibility in policy issues that are more important to Russia than to the U.S. Seeking an accommodation with Russia is more likely to guarantee American success in promoting its core national interests while minimizing costs-but will require U.S. policymakers to accept limits on what can be demanded of Russia His analysis seeks to examine that factors that have inhibited policymakers from solidifying the US-Russia relationship. Claims many have clung to illusions that the US could achieve most of its objectives at little cost or with little accommodations to the interests of others. Blames the collapse of the Soviet Union for this, Russia had to accept any relationship on the US terms. Today no longer the case Russia is strong again. States that any US policy toward Russia is going to require trade-offs. Illusions are: 1.) By cooperating with the US, Russia will join the West. 2.) A democratic Russia is a pro-American Russia. 3.) Russia is about to collapse. 4.) The US and Europe can fundamentally transform Eurasia at little cost. 5.) The US
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afp study guide - Foreign Policy Final Issue 7: Should the...

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