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Ch_12_homeworks - 15-86 Chapter 15 Homework Problems 12.1...

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15-86 Chapter 15: Homework Problems 12.1 Stealing Buddhas Dinner is a poignant memoir written by Bich Minh Nguyen (a Pur- due professor) that captures her experiences leaving Vietnam and growing up in the Midwestern United States. Her ability to simultaneously describe complex events from a childs perspective and capture the emotional complexities of the adults around her is one particularly noteworthy aspect of this elegant work. One of the themes throughout the book is central role of food in shaping her identity and one of the more interesting foods described therein is Cha Gio, a type of crispy spring roll fried in oil. For this problem, each spring roll will be modeled as a square cross section (1.5 cm on a side) and they are 6 cm long (distance into the page). The mass of the spring roll is approximately 10.8 grams, and the density of the oil is 0.922 g/cm 3 . d 1.5 cm Draw a free body diagram of the spring roll. Determine how deep within the hot oil the spring roll will sit when it is cooking (denoted by the variable, d in the figure). If one were to heat the oil, causing its density to decrease, would the spring roll sink deeper or rise upward?
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Chapter 15: Homework Problems 15-87 12.2 Imagine an iceberg in the North Atlantic. Icebergs are giant blocks of ice formed from fresh water floating in saltwater. They are usually named according to their size. A
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