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ME375 Handouts 1 Electromechanical System Electromechanical System – Speaker Speaker The operation of the speaker: A stereo amplifier produces a current in a coil that is attached to a diaphragm in the cone. This causes the coil and diaphragm to move relative to the permanent magnet. The motion of the diaphragm produces air pressure waves, which is sound. Figure (b) shows a simplified model of the mechanical subsystem. The mass represents the combined mass of the diaphragm and the coil. The spring constant and damping constant depend on the material properties of the diaphragm. The force is the magnetic force, which is related to the coil current. Figure (c) shows the electrical subsystem. The coil’s inductance and resistance are R and L. The coil experiences a back emf voltage because it is a current conductor moving in a magnetic field. The voltage v is the input signal from the amplifier. School of Mechanical Engineering Purdue University ME375 ElectroMechanical - 1 Speaker Speaker- Modeling Modeling
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ElectroMechanical Example - ME375 Handouts...

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