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ME 375 HOMEWORK #1 Fall 2009 Out: Aug. 26, 2009 Due: Sept. 2, 2009 Problem 1 : (30%) For each of the following systems, draw a schematic model representation using lumped mass, spring, and damping elements. Label each of the elements in your model. State any assumptions that you make. Make sure you include any pertinent inputs. (Note: you don’t actually need to generate equations or solve the equations.) a) A single pressed key on a computer keyboard; you’re interested in how many keypresses can be made in succession. b) A handball as it hits against the wall; you’re interested to see how much the ball deflects
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Unformatted text preview: upon impact. c) The drivetrain of a front-wheel-drive automobile; you’re interested in how much one of the axle half-shafts twists when the engine supplies torque during acceleration. Problem 2 : (30%) (a) Problem 2.2, Palm textbook, p. 70. (b) Now repeat part (a), assuming that the pitcher is standing on the moon. Problem 3 : (40%) (a) Problem 4.18, Palm textbook, p. 216. (b) Now repeat part (a), but include a viscous damper b 2 between m 1 and m 2 , and two viscous dampers b 1 and b 3 between ground and the masses m 1 and m 2 , respectively....
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