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ME 375 HOMEWORK #3 Fall 2009 Out: Sept. 9, 2009 Due: Sept. 16, 2009 Problem 1 : (30%) Problem 4.28, Palm textbook, p. 218. Assume that the cam force f c ( t ) acts at a distance L 1 away from the pivot O . Also assume small angles. Finally, you must take into account the effective mass of the spring (see p. 181). You are asked to derive an expression for the cam force f c (
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Unformatted text preview: t ). Problem 2 : (35%) (a) Problem 4.43, Palm textbook, p. 221. (b) For your equation in part (a), define a set of state variables and put this model in state space form. Problem 3 : (35%) (a) Problem 4.44, Palm textbook, p. 221. (b) Reformulate your equations of motion in part (a) into a single input/output equation, with input T 1 and output θ 1 ....
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