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ME 375 HOMEWORK #9 Fall 2009 Out: Oct. 28, 2009 Due: Nov. 4, 2009 PROBLEM 1 : (40%) (a) Problem 6.16 in Palm textbook, page 331. Just generate a single differential equation with output i 2 and inputs v 1 and v 2 (and their derivatives). (b) Problem 6.23 in Palm textbook, page 332. PROBLEM 2 : (30%) To ensure proper representation of varying voltage signals, all analog-to-digital converters feature some type of sample-and-hold circuit. The purpose for this circuit is to store the input voltage on a capacitor during the conversion process to ensure that a stable voltage value is being converted to a digital code. A simplified representation of such a sample-and-hold circuit is shown below: During sampling, the switch is closed, to ensure that the capacitor charges up to the input voltage V i . During conversion, the switch is opened, thus retaining (or holding) the value of the input voltage constant while the digital code is determined from V o . (a) Determine the differential equation that relates the input voltage
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