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Recording Homework Solutions with the Livescribe PulsePen Recording 1. Work out the problem in complete detail first using your usual pencil and paper. This will help in the organization of your presentation. You might be able to skip this step as the semester goes on when you become more comfortable with using the pen. 2. Go to a blank page in your Livescribe Dot Paper notebook. 3. Turn on your PulsePen. 4. Click on the Record button (near bottom left of notebook page). 5. Copy your solution onto the notebook page. As you write on the notebook page, please be sure that the video camera at the end of pen is aimed toward the paper. Otherwise, the recording will likely miss some of your writing. This is particularly important when using a straight edge in drawing – be sure that your straight edge does not block the view of the paper by the camera. 6. When done, click the Stop button (near bottom left of notebook page). Make a
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Unformatted text preview: note of the time of day when you completed the recording. 7. You are now done with the recording. Sending PDF of your solution 1. Place your PulsePen in the cradle and connect the cradle to a USB port on your computer. 2. Open the Livescribe Desktop application on your computer. 3. Any new recordings on your PulsePen will automatically be uploaded to your computer and processed after the LD application is opened. The entire process should take a couple minutes. 4. Follow the instructions in the Livescribe Desktop manual for producing a PDF file from your recording. You can download this manual at (for Windows): http://www.livescribe.com/media/pdf/support/LivescribeDesktopUserManual_ Win.pdf and (for Mac): http://www.livescribe.com/media/pdf/support/LivescribeDesktopUserManual_ MacOSX.pdf . 5. Email your homework PDF to your instructor at: [email protected] . 6. You are done!...
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