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me563_fall11_schedule - ME 563 MECHANICAL VIBRATIONS Fall...

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ME 563: M ECHANICAL V IBRATIONS Fall 2011 I NSTRUCTOR Chuck Krousgrill Office : ME 3061G Office phone : 49-45738 Office hours : MWF 1:30-2:30pm Email : [email protected] C OURSE T EXT S.S. Rao, Mechanical Vibrations , Addison-Wesley, 5 th edition, 2010. C OURSE N OTES On sale at the Boiler CopyMaker, Room PMU 157. C OURSE G OALS This course introduces techniques in discrete and continuous mechanical vibrations modeling, equation of motion derivation, free and forced response analysis and approximate solution methods. Linear superposition and modal decompositions are used to analyze time and frequency domain response behavior of multiple degree- of-freedom systems and continuous systems. Case studies are carried out to demonstrate how the theory presented in class can be applied to real world vibration problems. Our goals are to develop insight as to which method should be used to derive equations of motion and to develop a working knowledge of the various discrete and continuous methods for analyzing linear mechanical vibrations.
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