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ME563 – Fall 2011 Purdue University West Lafayette, IN Homework Set No. 11 Assignment date : Friday, November 11 Due date : Friday, November 18 Please attach this cover sheet to your completed homework assignment. Name PUID Problem 11.1 Problem 11.2 TOTAL
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Problem 11.1 Consider the undamped single-DOF system shown below, where m = 2 kg and k 1 = 1600 N / m . The applied force, f(t), has an impulse of I = 5 N sec . a) Derive the EOM for the system in terms of the generalized coordinate x. The springs are unstretched when x = 0. b) If f ( t ) = I δ ( t ) (where ( t ) is the Dirac delta function) and k 2 = k 1 , determine the maximum response x max . c) If f ( t ) is the pulse function shown below and k 2 = k 1 , determine the maximum response x max
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