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Unformatted text preview: ME563 – Fall 2011 Purdue University West Lafayette, IN Homework Set No. 1 Assignment date: Friday, August 26 Due date: Friday, September 2 Please attach this cover sheet to your completed homework assignment. Name PUID _________________________________________ Problem 1.1 __________________ Problem 1.2 __________________ Problem 1.3 __________________ TOTAL __________________ ME 563 – Fall 2011 Homework Prob. 1.1 Consider the system below: • A spool having a mass of m, a centroidal mass moment of inertia IG and an outer radius of R that rolls without slipping on a horizontal surface. • A block of mass M that is in contact with the inner radius of the spool and is constrained to move only in a horizontal direction such that the block does not slip on the spool. • A spring of stiffness k that is connected between the center of the spool G and ground. Let x describe the position of G as measured from the position of G when the spring is unstretched. Using the Newton-Euler formulation, determine the equation of motion for the system using the coordinat...
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