What is the maximum displacement of a during this

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Unformatted text preview: at is the maximum displacement of A during this response? O ω L m k M P A c x Use the following parameters: M = 2 kg, m = 4 kg, k = 1600 N/m, c = 32 kg/sec, e = 0.8, L = 0.2 meters and ω = 25 rad / sec . ME 563 – Fall 2011 Homework Prob. 4.2 a) Derive the EOMs for the two-DOF system shown below in terms of the generalized coordinates x1 and x2 . All springs are unstretched when x1 = x2 = 0 . b) Determine the natural frequencies and modal vectors for the system. Leave the k/m. natural frequencies in terms of c) Verify the orthogonality properties of the modal vectors discussed in lecture. d) Mas...
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