D mass normalize the modal vectors for the problem e

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Unformatted text preview: s normalize the modal vectors for the problem. e) Determine the free response of the system corresponding to the initial conditions of: x1 0 = x2 0 = x2 0 = 0 and x1 0 = v0 . () () () () x1 k x2 m k k B m smooth A smooth ME 563 – Fall 2011 Homework Prob. 4.3 Thin, homogeneous bars OA and AB each have a mass of m and length L. OA is pinned to ground at A, and the two bars are pinned together at A, as shown in the figure below. Rotational springs (each of stiffness K) connect OA to ground and OA to AB at pins O and A, respectively. (See Appendix VI of...
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