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Class Attendance Policy ME 274 – Summer 2011 Your attendance for every lecture is expected. Class attendance will be recorded. There might be exceptional situations during the semester when you will be unable to attend class. If you provide a reason for your absence by email ( [email protected] ) prior to the start of class , your absence for that day will be excused. For every excused absence, you will be assigned a homework-type problem. You are asked to complete this problem and submit to your instructor on the next scheduled lecture 1 . Your work on this problem must be your own; work copied from any source will not be accepted. If you do
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Unformatted text preview: not submit the makeup work, your absence will revert to being unexcused. • You will not be penalized for excused absences. Each unexcused absence, however, will be penalized at a rate of 0.5 points of your final homework/quiz grade for the course. Recall that homework and quizzes account for 18 points toward your final course grade. • If an in-class quiz is given on a day for which you have an excused absence, the score on your makeup work for the excused absence will be recorded as your quiz score. 1 When submitting your makeup problem solution, please attach a hardcopy of the email sent requesting an excuse for your absence....
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