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Grading Tips for ME274 Each problem is to be graded on a basis of 10 points maximum. Grade on the basis of correct approach rather than correct answers. Focus in on the first parts of the problem and make sure that the student is going about the problem correctly. Spend most of your time on each problem figuring out why the solution is incorrect (if it is) or making sure that the correct answer comes from a correct approach. A correct approach but wrong answer (from say a numerical error) should be worth 8-9 points if no fundamental errors are made. Do not assign grade to problem until after you have determined where the student has made a mistake. That is, do not simply take off points because the numerical answer is incorrect. If the student has followed an incorrect solution procedure but still gets the correct answer, please make note of this on the paper. Deduct 5 points for writing down a “correct” answer when it does not follow from the work provided. An honest effort on any problem should be worth no less than 4-5 points. If they just
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