me274_syllabus_fa11 - ME 274: BASIC MECHANICS II FALL 2011...

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ME 274: BASIC MECHANICS II – FALL 2011 School of Mechanical Engineering Purdue University, West Lafayette ME 274 is a fundamental course in the subject of dynamics. The historical trend in mechanical engineering design has always been to move toward higher speeds in power machinery. This trend continues today. It allows one to package more power into smaller spaces. The penalty one pays is that dynamic forces, vibrations and stresses may lead to malfunctioning and failure. Static analysis becomes insufficient. Transportation speeds have increased, making dynamic analysis mandatory. The age of space travel makes dynamics a general education requirement. ME 274 is designed as a course with an emphasis on conceptual understanding through problem solving. The theoretical background and problem solving methods are provided by your textbook and the lectures. ME 274 brings together your past experiences in physics, mathematics, and modeling, and builds upon them. HOMEWORK To do well in this course, practice at problem solving, i.e., doing your homework, is essential. Over 20% of your final score in the course comes from your homework assignments, quizzes and other related work. Unannounced quizzes will be given throughout the semester. Although your instructor might collect homework at any time during the class period, the official due time for the homework is at the beginning of class. Homework must be done on engineering paper and in the correct format, as shown on the attached sheet. Help is available Monday through Friday in Mechanics Tutorial Room in the west wing of the ME Building. The times will be announced in class within the first week. GRADES
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me274_syllabus_fa11 - ME 274: BASIC MECHANICS II FALL 2011...

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