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ME274_Regrade_Policy - ME 274 REGRADE POLICY 1 Format...

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ME 274 REGRADE POLICY 1. Format - Regrade requests have to be submitted in writing on a separate sheet of paper. This sheet of paper has to be attached to the problem for which a regrade is applied for and must include your work showing the correct solution and a description of items that you believe were overlooked or misinterpreted. Give this to your lecturer. 2. Academic Integrity - Do not write on the examination pages! Do not add or delete items from the problem solution! Do not alter anything! Violating this constitutes severe academic dishonesty and will result, as a minimum, in a zero examination or course score and will be reported to the Dean of Students for further action. To increase the risk level for violators, your lecturer will make copies of certain examinations. The same is true for the graders. 3. Grading Methodology is Not Negotiable - It is not possible to respond to arguments which question the severity of grading (“you should not have taken so many points off”), because
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