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EES - EES Engineering Equation Solver Introduction EES is a...

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EES – Engineering Equation Solver Introduction EES is a software package designed to solve n non-linear equations for n unknowns. It is particularly useful for ME 300 because of built-in thermodynamic property tables for many fluids (i.e., it looks up properties for you). The program can simplify large problems, such as cycles, and minimize the risk of calculation errors. However, it is most useful for problems requiring iterative solution or for parametric problems, where one property is varied to assess the effect on cycle efficiency, power produced, etc. We will begin to use EES early in the course for very simple problems that could be solved more easily by hand. These exercises will allow you to learn to use EES and to become familiar with its plotting capabilities. It is imperative that you take the time to learn this program as early as possible. If you have not used a numerical equation solver like this before, you will find that the code can be very sensitive to initial
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