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M E 363 Homework No. 4 Name Due: 10/6/2011 1. The following data has been obtained from a turning test on a lathe: v = 350 fpm T = 7 min v = 250 fpm T = 50 min (a) Determine the parameters n and C in the Taylor tool life equation. (b) Based on the n and C values, what is the likely tool material used in this operation? (c) Using your equation, compute the tool life that corresponds to a cutting speed v = 300 fpm. (d) Compute the cutting speed that corresponds to a tool life T= 10 min. 2. We want to evaluate the cost of a turning operation. The following data have been collected about the process. Cutting speed = 300 ft/min (91 m/min) Tool life = 50.5 min Feed = 0.007 in/rev (0.178 mm/rev) Depth of cut = 0.100 in. (2.54mm) Workpiece diameter = 3 in. (76.2 mm) Length of cut = 18 in. (457.2 mm) Operating cost = $35/hr Tool cost per edge = $1.75 Non production time /piece = 1.8 min Tool changing time = 2 min. (a) Calculate the cutting speed for this turning process when a carbide tool (n=0.23) is used.
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Unformatted text preview: (b) Determine the total machining cost at the optimal cutting speed determined in part (a). 3. A slab-milling operation is being carried out on a 20 in. long, 6 in. wide high strength steel block at a feed of 0.01 in./tooth and depth of cut of 0.15 in. The cutter is 3 in. in diameter and has 8 cutting teeth, and rotates at 150 rpm. Calculate the material removal rate and cutting time, estimate the power required. Assume the specific cutting energy for this material is 2.1 hp ⋅ min/in 3 . 4. Read section 26.3 and answer the following questions. (a) Textbook problem 26.36. (calculate chip length and thickness). (b) For the problem defined in (a), the workpiece material is cast iron. The specific grinding energy of this material is assumed to be 10 hp . Determine the tangential grinding force. 3 min/ in ⋅...
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